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Stark Computech provides complete Electronic Surveillance for your Home & Business. With increasing security threat now a days, electronic surveillance has become a necessity.

Advantages of Electronic Surveillance are:

  • Cost effective security solution
  • Crime Prevention

  • 24/7 monitoring of premises from our command centre
  • Quick alerts

Services we provide:

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Multiple site Monitoring
  • Complete Health Monitoring

  • Complete Hygiene Monitoring
  • Site Security Audit
  • Comprehensive AMC

Real Time Monitoring

Businesses that operate at all hours of the day and night. Therefore, it is necessary to have security and surveillance of the business premises at all hours. Criminal activities can occur at any time of day or night and you need to be prepared for it. Our e-surveillance will monitor your premises 24/7 and provide you live updates even during night time. It is truly a state of the art security solution.

Multiple Site Monitoring

Many businesses are being carried out across India. So we provide our customers with the convenience of having your multiple locations monitored from our centralized control room. You cannot be at all those locations at the same time. Our e-surveillance service monitors all your business premises from the same control room. You get regular audit reports with screenshots of all different locations to give you a better understanding and comparison of operations at different locations. No matter where these locations are, we can keep an eye on them 24/7 along with live updates.

Complete Health Monitoring

In large scale industries or for multiple location business premises, it’s very difficult to check whether all of your security surveillance equipment are working correctly or not. We have a solution for monitoring health of all your security surveillance equipment and we ensure the complete functionality status of all your devices 24/7.

Complete Hygiene Monitoring

Our e-surveillance team will let you make sure that all areas of your business premises are regularly cleaned and their hygiene is maintained properly. This is a solution basically designed for hotels, schools and hospitals, but can be customized as per our customers.

Site Security Audit

We provide regular periodic reports of every area of your business premises based on pre-determined and customized parameters. These reports give you much-needed insight into the regular functioning of your business and know where there is room for improvements.