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Protect Your Home & Office

A home invasion takes place about every eighteen seconds in the United States. The heartbreak felt over the loss of property, the resulting damages, possible loss of life, and an upheaval of peace of mind is a trying experience. Choosing to secure your family, home, and assets with a security system can restore a sense of peace and trust.

Thanks to internet technology, a user can enjoy checking-in on their family security system 24/7 remotely. Many security systems actively link to a smartphone or other Internet-connected device. Whether at work, play, or vacation, you can connect to your security system. You want a quality security system installed, that provides constant monitoring, and friendly customer service representatives. You want a security system with a staff that will readily assist you when there is an emergency, incident, or you have a question.

New Features of Home/Office Security Systems

Home security systems have made huge advances in recent years. With better technology, mobile apps and the ability to power a complete smart home, they're more secure, reliable and useful than ever before. These new features make home security system makes it easy to use and a worthwhile investment to make today.

Control from Anywhere

A modern system comes with a smartphone app to control it from home or away. This lets you use the system in new ways, like securing your home from your bedroom, checking your video cameras from work, and controlling other devices.

Better Protection

Today's state of the art systems use a wireless cellular connection to communicate in and out of the home. The connection is dedicated to your security / smart home signaling, and not shared with any other service like Internet, phone or TV that could impact performance. It's always on, communicates when the line is cut or WiFi is down, and will continue to signal through a power outage.

Activity Alerts and Awareness

That smartphone app doesn't just control your security system — it's also your system's way of letting you know what's up. It can tell you if your kids arrived home safely, when the dog walker showed up, the instant your video camera captured a new clip, or if your office drawer was opened. Your system doesn't have to be armed to do this – these features are always on, armed or not.

Proactive Safeguards

Thanks to connected devices like smoke alarms, intrusion alarms, CO sensors and water sensors, a modern system can warn you and your family about other home emergencies like a fire, a carbon monoxide leak, and even an impending flood caused by a cracked water pipe. It can also take action to protect you.

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